Neighborhood of Seedless Bar

Kamakura’s Hasedera Temple 鎌倉 長谷寺  

Go along the route 134 toward Inamura beach and take the right fork.  Then turn to the right for Hase station. This temple is worth seeing because it has a beautiful garden.  There are three cute Jizo there.  When you see other statues in a tunnel in ther garden, watch your head where the ceiling is low. (En)


Jojuin 成就院

Access to Jojuin from here is simple.  Enter the right street at the fork on the route 134.  Then keep going straight, you will find this temple soon on the left side.  Many graves appears on the side of the stairways before reaching the gate.  A very quiet temple is there. (En)


We feel happy thinking about that Hawaii and California are over this ocean.  However good waves and high wind do not come so often to this place unfortunately.  So, we are very exited when we feel them coming close.


Our restaurant does not have the atmosphere of the historical town.  But we are still surrounded by temples, The great Buddha, shrines, and museums etc.  A walk around in the very calm townscape is also good.

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Kamakura map

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